A little about Hobo and a Tribute to my "Once in a life time" dog



Hobo was born on October 9, 1999. He did not come into my life until he was 8 months old. The first 8 months of his life left him very timid and scared. We worked through his fears for four years until he was finally able to approach people instead of hiding from them. He LOVED people and people loved him! There was something truly special about him that I can't even put into words. You just had to know him. Children who were scared of dogs would crawl all over him and parents would look to me in disbelief. At 6 years of age, he developed a cough, so I took him in to the vet. I quickly learned from x-rays he had an extremely enlarged heart and was advised to take him to a specialist. Less than a week later we were making the almost 2-hour drive to MedVets in Worthington, Ohio. The diagnostic testing he needed was going to cost $3000.00. He was my 'baby' and still very young and otherwise healthy, so I opted to go ahead with the testing despite not having the funds readily available. I soon found out he was in the pre-stages of congestive heart failure. The treatment for this disease was actually quite affordable compared to the cost of the testing... $130.00 per month. He needed to take 6 pills per day, but those 6 pills allowed him to have an amazing life full of fun and love for 6.5 more years.  Below is a tribute I wrote on the two-year anniversary of Hobo's crossing over. 

Remembering Hobo...

On March 30, 2012, part of my soul left to wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge. It's been two years since I had to make the bravest, hardest, most selfless decision a pet owner ever has to make. I remember when Hobo was young, I asked him to either leave me in his sleep or if he couldn't to ask to sleep on the bed with me one last time. Two years ago on March 29, 2012, Hobo, who hadn't slept in the bed for many months asked to be lifted onto the bed. If I had known that would be the last time, I would bury my face in his fur and wrap my arms around him... If I'd have known he was saying goodbye, I would've never let go. I would've held on a little tighter and a little longer. Two years and it still hurts like it was yesterday. I don't believe that pain ever goes away. I think we just learn to carry it gently and gracefully over the years. 

He was my once in a lifetime dog. I don't know what happened to him the first 8 months of his life, but he was terrified of people. It took me four years to get him socialized to the point where he would walk right up to any stranger and want to make friends. He had a keen eye to them though, if he didn't trust someone, he would always stand between them and me. He helped me rehabilitate over 150 dogs that had been severely abused and neglected, he taught then so many things I couldn't and every single one has remained in their forever home I placed them in. He is a hero in my mind. He was so tolerant of me bringing so many animals home. Tolerant of kids, kittens and puppies. He was a one of a kind. Very mellow tempered, not the 'hyper- spazz' most Aussies are. He went everywhere with me; my trusty 'pard'.  Everyone who met him fell in love with him. He was a good boy. 

I held him as he took his last breath and told him what a good boy he'd been and how much I loved him and would miss him. With my forehead to his, I gave him one last kiss. Told him everything would be OK and that we'd see each other again. He was so strong and tried so hard even to his last day. He could barely breathe due to his congestive heart failure. The breathing issues just happened overnight. He knew that it was his last night; I didn't... When I woke up, I knew, and we went to the vet on my lunch break. He walked himself into the room. He was so strong and so loyal. He just wanted to please. I told him it was OK to go home now. 

I miss you, my Hobo boy. Not a single day goes by that I am not reminded of you in some way. I love you buddy!   


Thank you,

Kelly H. 

Founder and President


A Note to All our Friend(s) who wait at Rainbow Bridge

Time has past since that dreadful day

when the Lord decided to take you away

The emptiness still lingers from time to time

but when I think about you I know I'll be fine


You were more than just a pet

you were my best friend

Faithful companion

from beginning to end


With your friendly bark and wagging tail

you never showed if you ailed

Running and playing morning to night

never a mean growl or a bite


I wish you were still here right by my side

but you'll always be with me deep down inside

I gave you a home and you gave me your heart

there is no way we will ever part


The love that you showed me I'll never forget

I'll love you forever; You are my Pet


-Author Unknown




Hobo age 9 in front of our old house in Southeast Ohio.

Hobo, just turned 6 years old on a birthday hike at Old Man's Cave in Hocking Hills Ohio. 

Hobo age 9, watching the horses.

Hobo age 8 and some of his friends waiting for dinner.

Hobo age 9 with Stuart (top of couch), Mister (brown pup) and Diesel (Red Merle Aussie). Mister was our last rehabilitation dog before we moved to Montana. Stuart became a 'foster failure' and moved to Montana with us. He has taken over as the Alpha Dog since Hobo's passing. Diesel is my other Aussie and has special medical needs as well. 

Hobo age 11. It was National Take Your Dog to Work Day! That is Nana on the right. 

Hobo age 12. Our last Christmas together.


Hobo age 7 and Diesel for another hike at Old Man's Cave in Hocking Hills, Ohio. 

Hobo are 10, Stuart, Diesel and me the day after we moved to Montana. 

Hobo age 11 relaxing at the KOA we lived at for about 7 months until we found a place to live that allowed the dogs. 


Hobo, almost 8 years old and myself on a hike at Old Man's Cave in Hocking Hills Ohio. Can you see how well Deb with Black Tie and Tails did with our Logos? She really has some great talent keeping your pet's memory alive with her art work! Check out her pencil art! I promise you will want her to draw your pet for you! Mention you saw her on Hobo's Healing Heart and she will donate 10% to help us with our cause!