Categories of Care

Categories of Care for Pet Health Care Grants

  • Urgent Care: Evaluation and care for short-term acute injury or illness such as traumatic wounds, acute illness not immediately life threatening but needs care
  • Emergency Care:  Evaluation and care for short-term, life-threatening acute injury or illness
  • Diagnostics Care: Initial evaluation only of chronic or potentially chronic illness or injury. Pet owner will assume financial responsibility for ongoing care. 
  • Parvo/other vaccine-preventable illness: considered for a grant only with proof of vaccination by a licensed veterinarian.

Categories Not Eligible for Pet Care Grants

  •        Preventive and Routine care:  Vaccination, spay or neuter, routine dental cleaning, and exams.
  • Chronic Illness: Ongoing care of previously diagnosed illness such as, but not limited to, Diabetes, Cancer, Auto Immune Diseases.




1. You must take your pet in for an initial office visit PRIOR to filling out the application.

      a. Your application must be received within 14 days of the onset of the injury or illness.

      b. Proof of the date of treatment will be REQUIRED from your veterinarian.

      c. We will need the details of a suggested treatment plan and/or suggested diagnostic

          tests along with a high and low estimate of costs.

      d. Office visit fees and the routine care associated with the initial visit are the pet owner's responsibility.


2. You must provide proof your pet is up to date on ALL required vaccines OR proof that required

vaccines have been administered within ONE WEEK of pre-approval of your application.


3. You and your pet must live in one of the following counties:

      a. South Dakota: Butte, Custer, Lawrence, Meade, or Pennington in South Dakota.

      b. Wyoming: Crook.

      c. Proof of valid (current/not expired or temporary) residency must be provided if

          requested: Driver’s License, State Identification Card, Lease Agreement, or Mortgage

          Statement AND two utility bills listed in your name for the residency at which you



4. You must provide proof that you have owned your pet for at least 3 months (adoption/purchase papers, vet records, and/or rabies certificates for two consecutive “terms”).


5. You must be able to pay for a minimum of 25% of the expenses for your pet’s care.

      a. The grant maximum is $900 per household AND pet (if pet is re-homed).


6. You must be able to prove financial need and inability to qualify for retail/commercial support

such as but not limited to Care Credit, personal loan, etc.

      a. If requested, provide proof of income: IRS Tax Return Form 1040s AND two of the most recent pay stubs OR Social Security statements for ALL working adults (age 18+) in the household where the pet resides. 


7. If your income exceeds 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you must provide proof of the hardship you claim (Lease agreement/Mortgage statement, student loan statement (for loan in repayment), most recent utility bills, most recent medical bills, etc.).


8. You must grant permission to Hobo’s Healing Heart to use pictures of your pet and provide a summary of your pet’s care and support for the purposes of promotion and fundraising.


9. You must submit at least one photo of you and your pet with you, or another immediate family member.


10. You must provide a brief history about how your pet came to live with you, how you came to need the assistance of Hobo’s Healing Heart, and if the grant is approved, what it means to you and your family to receive the assistance


11. If approved, grant funds will be paid directly to your veterinarian.


NOTE: All grants are awarded pursuant to available funds as such you may be required to pay more than 25% of your bill. You will need to answer every question honestly and completely for consideration. Please do not elaborate in fields for specific questions, and instead use the description area to provide any additional information. If you do not meet the requirements for a grant, please see our “Additional Assistance Programs” under the “Other Resources” tab for fundraising ideas.


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We are a non-profit serving only residents in Butte, Custer, Lawrence, Meade, and Pennington Counties in South Dakota and Crook County in Wyoming at this time. Requests from outside these areas will be automatically denied. Our finances change daily. We are a volunteer program that is not fully funded. While grants we provide occur within the counties listed, we do accept donations daily from other parts of the country. We intend to expand our reach to help other pets and families in need as our funds grow.